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We may be quiet, but we're here

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I just watched the December Q&A video.  I read every news release.  I email updates on the game to my friends.

After your kickstarter video I bought a backer pack.  Each video you put out is consistent in conveying your competence to make a game and your seasoned gamer experiences to make a game fun to play with friends.  Very cool.

My friends and I are all over 35 years old.  We have full time jobs and families.  We're probably not going to be in on any of the pre-release testing or posting on the forums, but we're here and we're excited.  Glad to hear you're testing and balancing.  We'll be rocking campaigns when the game goes live.  We'll be throwing money into the effort because it's going to be a worthwhile hobby among friends.  All your work - we're invested.  Keep rocking.  We'll be there.

I just wanted to send you this note in response to your Dec Q&A suspicion that we're out here unseen.  We are.  Keep rocking.

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