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Crowfall's Beginner Q&A!


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1.) Q: I just logged in, what do I do?
A: The first thing you should do is your passive training, which are account-wide talents. Click Escape, then on the icon that looks like a dumb-bell, and choose! If you plan on PvPing, make sure the first slot is Combat, and the other is up to preference. Have a look! Points will accumulate even while offline.

After this go hit trees until you have 3 knotwood, then click on the icon that looks like a pickaxe/hammer, and craft a Basic Axe. Put this on your survival tray and farm some more wood to either make a Basic Hammer (to farm stone if yours requires it) or your classes' respective weapon, or if you'd rather jump right into it? Buy one from the vendor across the bridge with the 40 gold in your inventory.

Go level! The level cap is 30.

(I recommend crafting a weapon because later on it will be used to craft a better one)

2.) Q: Why am I not regenerating health and/or my class resource?
A: You're most likely hungry, eat something in your inventory. You probably have some apples from harvesting wood or meat from killing animals. If you have meat, go to your crafting menu and under Basic Survivalist, find the Meat Tartare recipe (You do not need a fire). Otherwise, just right click on the apple. 

3.) Q: How do I make gear?
A: If you've taken the rune portal out of the starting zone, you've been to the temple! If not, run to the end of the starting zone, and go through it. Here is your faction's main city, if you go straight until you see the fire and then turn right, you'll find crafting benches. These crafting benches are for intermediate gear & weapons only. 

All classes can use leather, mail and plate is only advanced, and there is poor/common/uncommon gear. Grey, white, and green.

4.) What is a discipline, how do I make one, and when do I get to use one?
A: A discipline are items that you can craft then equip by going to crafting menu and making them under "Pre-Alpha Discipline Test Recipes." These either give you extra abilities/passives, or allow you to obtain a certain profession for all its recipes.

There are at this time: Major (Crafting & Harvesting discs included), Weapon Mastery, and Minor disciplines. 

You can unlock the ability to use your first disciplines at level 5 by putting a point in each talent. You can replace a discipline by destroying it (drag it off menu).

5.) Q: How do I make better armor/weapons than intermediate?
A: You have to go to a siege/adventure world, go to a keep or fort, and use one of the advanced benches. After you're there, you must have the profession's major discipline equipped to obtain its recipes. I highly recommend doing any major crafting in a keep, even though keeps themselves aren't 100% safe... simply more safe than forts.

6.) Q: How do I obtain nonbasic resources?
A: The three basic resources are Knotwood, Slag, and Cobblestone. Anything that is not one of these three, is nonbasic. All nonbasic resources will glow in the world and are quite easy to see. These have ranks just like creatures, from 1-10.

7.) Q: How do the seasons affect me?
A: As the seasons go on, resources become more and more scarce. Spring and summer are the best seasons to be harvesting. 

8.) Q: How do I level up more swiftly?
A: Most experience comes from sacrificing items, and especially gold. Be certain to split the stack of gold for the exact amount of experience you need, or you'll waste what isn't used.

9.) Q: Where do I find creatures or higher level creatures?
A: First off, make sure you're not trying to level in a "siege" world, these are mainly for PvP. The type of world you want is an Adventure world, which has a few named locations with a lot more creatures to fight! They will be levels R3-R10.

10.) Q: How do I split a stack?
A: Shift + Right Mouse Button.

11.) Why am I dying to creatures that are way below my level?
A: Creatures go by ranks, not by player levels. Eventually they will also no longer give you experience. The trick is to multiply the creature's level by 3, and that is when the creature will no longer yield experience. Remember that it's always best to be in a group but if you prefer to go solo? Level up until you can handle R6 or R7's, and then farm those until level 21.

After level 21, most of your experience will come from sacrificing gold.

12.) Q: What is a spirit bank & how do imports/exports work?
A: Currently your spirit bank is an account-wide bank accessible by clicking B, however it has a finite amount of imports (taking items out) and exports (putting items in).

The amount of imports and exports you have reset after a campaign, and may fluctuate with each new campaign. While the spirit bank is account-wide, imports and exports are character-based. A new character will have that campaign's max of both.

13.) Q: How do I join a guild / add friends?
A: At this time, there is no way to join a guild or add friends in-game. To join a guild, look through these forums and apply! To make friends... be nice.

14.) Q: Do I get experience for capturing enemy outposts & camps?
A: At this time you do not, but you will however get your faction's gratitude. 

15.) What happens when a campaigns ends, and what to do then?
A: When a campaign ends, a faction wins and receives rewards (not yet)! 

Each one of your characters will be locked to this campaign. You unlock your character by clicking the lock at the bottom right of its box, and putting in the pattern. Upon doing this, all of your equipment, inventory, and items in bank (not your spirit bank) will be wiped from existence. I surely hope you spirit banked your items before the campaign ended!

16.) Q: What happens when I die?
A: When you die, any player regardless of faction may loot your inventory.

17.) Q: How do I navigate and change between chat tabs, reply to a whisper, invite, and leave a party?

A: You press tab to swap between General, Zone, Me, and the Combat Log.

Commands are as follows: /whisper name, /r (reply to last whisper), /invite name, and /leavegroup.

To scroll up and down in the chat, click escape and scroll up or down while your cursor is on the chat box.


If anyone has any other questions they've seen in general chat that they'd like me to add, go ahead and reply with it  -Puffs

Edited by Puffs
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