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Few hopeful short term goal suggestions. (SWG inspiration)

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Some suggestions to hopefully see in near future after I tested/viewed the current game 1st campaign state in 5.8

Would like to see a few hopefully do-able short term goals:
Proximity Chat bubbles or text above head  (a proximity in-game voice chat may get too "busy" in areas though would be a nice addition as well)-

  • Prox chat helps with sales or advertising goods for sale via trade. (or giving away freebies to faction newbies entering late)
  • Bubbles helps the world to feel more "alive" (yes seeing chat bubbles can maybe be somewhat annoying to some but they give realism of a lived in campaign of players offering services/ shouting their kingdom vendors name/random good offerings or services in keeps/talking with outside guild random people/guild inviting/ identifies players by character view, rather then just a chat box)
  • Chat bubbles are easier to read and will help with spam in the general/zone chat too. (because their proximity & visual player attention grabbing)
  • Bubbles can help with "faction teaming up" when in 3 faction campaigns - (if one faction is dominating you could better find ways to talk to other sides and tell them to team up against that 1 faction like using a proximity chat shout out "we come in peace,lets discuss and pull together tonight" in front of large guilds. but moreover chat bubbles help enemies see quickly a direct message said to them before they end up killing you.. (a quick reminder your factions are teamed up to the unaware player, a beg for mercy, etc. or....
  • .. proximity shout out verbal demands upon enemy keeps (or face the consequences) for fun early engaging combat :). Can also be used for friendly opposition duel invites/ $*it talking/calling out bad plays cause your overgeared or unfair player number to the viewing proximity.
  • Friendly party only bubbles can indicate a battle heads up prompt following group leaders orders/ and can be used for quick trading attention during battles)
  • Without Bubbles I would assume faction players would likely be stressed to find an invite to that known very large cluttered Faction guild relying on a 3rd party comm. Likely rolling in large/boring gank squads, and the faction most organized in 3rd party comms that could disperse themselves effectively would always win. This I fear would result in less game population, rather than also allowing having ingame of many sized guilds including: Small camp fighters & defenders/ small organized groups of good friends/small faction supplying vendor players / keep crafters /new player stealthers/keep rebuilders resuppliers/assassin gank groups/social in game gathers/and new exploring players. etc, Those people may prefer their small group play (and most only at first to branch out into a more effective large guild/guilds).
  • Without, I fear you may loose those players early prospecting game interest after realizing (the hard way) the only way to play is to be directed in a large faction guild that mostly rolls over those smaller groups (made up of those exact people im talking about). They might be just trying to get the hang of it at their own small group pace, or just perfer small group play without complicated direction/getting yelled at/annoying voice comms. (Bubbles would allow that initial cross communication to then have them form into a more organized guild. And again, provide that more game "social lively environment" for everyone to "easily" use.)

Crafting - an option for double clicking for required default components within the crafting screen

  • Regretfully right clicking out of my inventory i end up sometimes accidentally clicking and eating benefit food (or activating items).. Also its sometimes hard to find right components out of cluttered and shifted inventory to place into the crafting screen.
  • · If there was an option to double click on the "required component within the crafting screen", (to add default/direct basic crafting component in inventory), it would be easier/quicker to craft with less wrong clicks too.

Professions/skill mastery/talents/ "Titles" under our overhead character names

  • Like guild crests, Titles helps identify people that are advertising their pursuing/mastery skill "services" to benefit their fellow faction. (or "hiding/fooling" a title on what they truly might be to enemy on-lookers/gankers ... Like displaying "Novice Melee/Novice Weapon handler", rather then "Novice One-Handed Melee Handler" which is their higher tier but they chose to display their earlier acquired title instead to fool. Or many other acquired titles they earn)
  • Gives the player more attachment feeling to their characters title and choice to advertise different roles at times they want to play too. (like a weekday crafter)
  • · ·   Side note: I do like the hiding of XP level.. Grants low levels players ability to venture out, and creates a harder observing decision for evenly matched players to attack or not. But with this said, I do think suvivability should last longer health wise, a basic assassin shouldnt always get the upper hand by attacking first and halfing health. (they already can call in friends/scout undetected.. assassins should almost be the weakest class IMO, unstealthed easily, and non stealthers be able to run around if the assassin cannot keep cc'd well).
  • · ·   A trade off though I see on the flip side of not showing XP level can cause a "no guilt" felt by an attacker on a low level player. At least until the player is dead and inventory loot is shown... but whos not gonna loot them anyway once the deed is done...and yes i guess this is a resource gathering forward game to loot anything you can to win..)

Better system “message pop ups” for beachhead players to be forced to participate freely in a random large/sieging battle to learn from. with a easy brief tutorial direction how it would work.  

  • ...Id like to see a timed large siege battle message directed to the faction beachhead somehow (or a safe runegate directly to and out of a free for allsiege map/keep defense), nothing that hinders new players much, just rewards the victor sieging faction and teaches new players sieging and pvp combat mechanics to look out for out in the harder campaign PVP worlds where are better mats. Maybe with this option, then you could make world runegates be a certain level XP to get to before venturing though? (..keeps the veteran players to gank higher level skilled players instead of just "everyone".)
  • A tutorial like battle that kinda brings back the "Tree of life" pre alpha battleground test, or hungerdome type of tutorial.
    (cause your first few world pvp ganks and loosing yor sacrifice XP resources can be a turn off to the game since your new to "pvp mechanics" and need to try to learn defense first somehow before entering main PVP zones/runegates..) 
  • Creates a fun event for newbies/vets to be able to participate “quickly” in a large, temporary battle and be protected within sieging equipment and rolling with large faction battle groups. (keeps interest in perusing further into the game campaign/viewing a trustworthy fighting guild/  excitement of viewing large battles that shows the glory of veteran PVP combat you could achieve someday by continuing to build/level up your character.)  ·
  • - A "any XP friendly battle", rather then feeling to “level far first by sacrificing/gathering/crafting stuff mainly”  before participating beyond beachhead.

(cause truthfully you need XP talents unlocked first to fight... or sadly you'll find out the hard way to stay at the beachhead for a while..)

But yes, off these timed battle events, beachheads should have a large population of new+old players made up of - XP levelers/ learners of combat+harvesting/ prospecting guild recruiters/shop advertising sales/safe banking/friendly duels/socializing/general basic gear crafting/general prepping/gear repair-enhancing/1to1 trading...etc.)

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Posted (edited)

Some Further Iteration - I guess I just don't like the fact that zone chat can be up scrolled quick/cluttered easily in busy areas. You end up miss reading most messages if this happens.. And yeah I can understand some of the frustrating screen clutter issues so no problem with maybe an on off button. Even after thinking on this, I now realize a few new problems with bubbles as this game has action targeting combat.. But I do still would like to see them work somehow! So if performance allows, make zone bubbles only visible in survival tray mode and only your groups bubbles then visible in combat mode?  (edit: Smaller text or higher up bubbles if in combat) or other workable options like making them with a character limit, way above the head, certain zone use. or only display "..." as a bubble indicating a heads up.

Auto fill while on a crafting screen, that could be easier yet. That is a step further then my orig suggestion of click on just the crafting screen mat needed boxes to import the default item.

Titles, if a clutter/performance issue, a hover over info box instead? SWG even had further info box options to "examine" players of all their "masteries" the character obtained and achievements they completed.  Once you start leveling up other classes/specialties. Would be kind of fun to see the vet players out there and give a sense of achievement that carries over to other campaigns to be visible to others. Titles Mainly helped characters find a certain crafters to message for needed services/items after seeing they "mastered" a certain tree. (cut down on spamming looking for "" in zone chat a little.) Finding an actual "master" of a certain tree skill would end of having better experimentation gear results/finding certain items you need.

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