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Welcome, Saga Correspondents!

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On December 6, 2018, we put out a call for front-line reporters, and we'd like to thank each of you who answered that call: 



Correspondents are needed to chronicle the tales of glory, wealth and power that will emerge throughout First Campaign, the Pre-Alpha 5.8 milestone coming soon to the LIVE testing environment.

We’re looking for players who are interested in sharing their special “crowments”, gameplay highlights from their guilds or factions in the form of podcasts, blogs, live streams, gifs and videos.

For the first 10 days of First Campaign, these highlights will become segments in our daily “Crowments from the Front” live streams where we’ll share the latest news about what’s happening in the Campaign.

To sign up, email with the subject line “Saga Correspondent”.

Saga Correspondents may post here, but this forum is read-only for anyone outside the group. This should make it easier for conversations to stay on-topic. 

You may use this forum to share links to your Campaign-related videos and streams, social media channels and even your reports. You may also contact us via if you wish to share your submissions privately. 

Please note that any content submitted in the "line of duty" as a Saga Correspondent becomes the property of ArtCraft Entertainment.

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