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Crowfall Assassin PvP Build Guide - Cutthroat Assassin

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I finally got around to making a video on my Crowfall Assassin build. Let me know if you guys find this helpful or have any suggestions for builds you like to run.

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Great video as always! 

Banshee is a interesting choice. I will give that a shot for sure. Ive been running Agent Provo because IMO it gives you some more opening options. A) the caltrops also give the snare. b ) the stun can sometimes bait out their retaliate and you just follow up with kidney shot and they are just stuck. Also it can close the gap if someone is just out of reach. Not to mention every fight starts with full pips. But I am very curious to try Banshee to do more damage when they are low to finish the kills. 

A good tip for me is the poison. I use Nature because it chunks so much, but it is horrible with Diffusion, which I don't use because of it. I didn't know it had the potential to do that much damage, even if randomly. I also have a problem with "too many abilities" where after opening, once I get through KS, backstab, In the zone, Call darkness, they are either dead or its time for me to restealth and just restart with the burst. 


Thanks for the tips!

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