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Guild Functionality

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While I deeply appreciate the push of @jtoddcoleman and @thomasblair and others to add some guild functionality into 5.8, the prospects of import/export-less campaigns gives me heartburn.

Not because I am worried about losing gear from campaign to campaign, but more because I am worried about Guild Inventory Management.

Right now the major guilds survive by using multiple accounts with multiple different resources that all are coming from different gatherers.

This is frankly a mess and requires a ton of time to just organize and get materials together. What we really need, and soon, is for guild functionality to be further expanded ASAP.

You may already have ideas of this and may have already publicly spoke about it, but I cannot go through all the videos etc to find what has been.

What I would want:


UI would have:

1. Guild Announcement (Big Plus if this would be a toast message or system announcement that also came up when a guild member logged in)

2. List of All players in the guild and their "Rank", also be nice if this where you assign their rank through a drop down. (Plus would be last time logged in)

3. Tab that controls guild access(IE set what ranks can do what):

  • Promote / Demote
  • Change Rank Access Levels
  • Invite Members to Guild
  • Kick Members from Guild
  • Set Guild Announcement
  • Export Guild Resources (Remove from Guild Bank)
  • Import Guild Resources (Add to Guild Bank)

Guild Bank

As stated before, for a game that is centered around guilds, resource management is KEY and the lack of a guild bank is going to start crippling the larger guilds and sapping time from what the game is really about. No wants to sit around waiting for players to log in and passing resources 3-4 times just to get to a guild's crafter(s).

I believe guild banks should be in the temple at least, and possibly in keeps or the free city. While guild banks don't have to start huge(I would say the size of a vendor or normal inventory size), they should be able to be expanded. Either through gold, dust, or chaos embers, or even a combination of each. Hopefully creating different "tabs" to be used.


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4 hours ago, mandalore said:

As the future leader of mankind (elves, minos, Half giants, half elf’s, fae, deer people are all also welcome but custard those dwarves and hamsters) I welcome the ability micromanage my servants. 

So your a guild leader mandalore?

That's really makes me want to create a guild of my own.

ya know... just because.

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