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Crowfall Epic Moments - Noob Justice, Motherload Heist


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I really hope the game survive 2019 @ZYBAK, but I`m concerned, because the game concepts are so narrow minded, and u need sage knowledge or a master degree to fully understand the game concepts. And the amount of pages and youtube content how to just play the game is mind boggling, but thanks Winterblades & Sugoi for all their hard work to give information out there to the public, but my point still stand the main game content is really, really complicated. 

A guy who just started in Crowfall is like "Can I just play the game?" but there are pages of information you need to read to even participate to fully understand the game. It`s fine to createa youtube video and recommend to join a guild as you mentioned about a week ago, but fact is there are so many players who have no interest in the whole guild concept due to famliy life and other non mmorpg reasons, and it just limit the amount of players who will be interested to play Crowfall including PvE players which WoW is all about. And the game limit options for a player who want to play the game as a pvp focused lone wolf outside of a guild experience, because the economy is not working now in 5.8 also based on low amount of players, but it`s not enough crafters and pve players in this game. If you need 6 or 7 crowfall accounts to stay compeitive in PvP outside of a guild experience it`s something very wrong with the core game concept which is too hard to reach, and narrow minded that don`t include new players to the game. It just exclude that lone wolf player to do something else in his/her sparetime, because when he/she figure out it`s too tedious to reach end game items to have a chance in pvp - the person will not stay in this game for too long and that is just fact.

I told ACE long time ago to make it easy to get into their game based of my pvp experience in other games since UO days in 1997 and moba experience with League of legends, and don`t make end game items too tedious grind, because the skill gap between players as you also mention some weeks ago is astonishing huge in a pvp game since many miss maybe (30-50%) of their skill power attacks and that is true. And the item differences between a guilded person in -W- or Sugoi between a lone wolf who rely on the market ecnomy; crafters and their service don`t have a chance at all in pvp only based on basic items and vessel stats differences when Necromancy will be another layer of stat differences on a vessel that increase the gap in pvp.

And the reasons u need a guild is, of course, the social aspect of it and it`s a siege game, but you rely on others to get items and get pvp ready without 6 or 7 different crowfall accounts. And stay competitive and fighting another player in poor basic items is just an awful experience for anyone and most new players going through this, and Shadowbane had similar mistakes in 2003; lag in small scale combat events and same in 5.8 - I even lag with my mino champion against 1 single shadow wolf. 

This is the last time I will mention this on the CF forum, but unfortuntaley my content will be ignored for x,y reasons, because your game design Todd is very limited and just exclude players PvE and crafters due complicated game design and really rough, and a hard experience to stay compeittive in small scale  PvP. 

I invested only a small amount of $ into this game on day 1 when it was announced so it`s what is is a gold package, so if this game mmorpg is going to be a success - Artcraft need to look at core design and change directions related to crafting and item distributions inside a campaign world. Items should drop like it did in Shadowbane? You still had to craft legendary items in Shadowbane with rare resources, and the main reason for that is to include players who are outside the whole guild system to have some fun in Crowfall related to small scale PvP and stay somewhat competitive in pvp. And crafting of items should be another option of item drops - so why no unique armor drops in CF and questions like that like Vorgrim in Shadowbane? It created hot spots on the map and random pvp events in the game and it was fun after (7-9) years of SB experience. 

Finally I actually wish @jtoddcoleman that you and Gordon Walton went to a publisher instead. And I`ve notion your game would be more friendly towards none guilded players and new players who just want to have some fun in your game couple of hours each day with some good quality item drops u can use to compete in pvp which is better than poor basic items u buy for 10 gold now on npc vendors. So quality item drops on monsters in the world is necessary in my opinion without being hopeless lost concerning the whole learning curve related to crafting and economy with crafters and PvE players that don`t exist at the moment in 5.8. And there still no repair options on items - so something to consider for future patches and 6.0 Artcraft. 



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Your whole wall of text seems to assert that people should be able to do well in CF outside of a guild. Have you considered that it's possible ACE doesn't think people should be able to do well outside of a guild and that they have no intention of trying to make a mass-market-appeal game that would support the kind of casual play you think CF should support?

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