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Hunger Dome should return with more PVE elements

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Hunger Dome should return in a alternative game mode. In my view CrowFall's PVE should be present with the PVP clearly without abstract elements like Faction Points and reset in Worlds. Take a look at CrowFall's plot focused on survival against HUNGER effect: The player arrives in a faction town that is about to be devoured by the Hunger. The player needs to collect and bring to the city all possible resources and has the difficult task of facing his brothers in the Battlegrounds for the few remaining foods in a slowly devoured world with more and more dead zones without any resources.

The player goes to a recruiter in the city and after entering the lobby with MM and queue he goes into the open world map where he needs to fight for survival all the time without stopping.
There he starts collecting everything he can with a small group of allies. Players gain XP with PVE elements (exploration, killing MOBs, gathering) and will learn new skills/talents, manufacture items and most importantly need to eat, but food is very limited. There would be two ways to win the game: logistics and war. You would choose between stocking as much food as possible or simply stealing it. You would build a Fort with defenses to hide your riches and spend the winter. Anyway, all this could be put into the game, but always focused on the competitive against hunger and against other players.

The problem is that as the game progresses food becomes scarce and players are getting more and more hungrier. There begins the war, because when you see enemies will desperately fight for food to simply stay alive!

Players will fight hopelessly all the time to last as long as possible on the map. When they are killed by hunger or other enemies the  player returns to the  city and uses the resources that he gained during the match to do research and create better items. Better players on Craft or PVP receives Condecorations and ranked positions due more survival in "Hunger Dome" maps with perhaps 30-60 min duration.

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I could see this being something neat that's available in between campaigns if they don't fire off as soon as they end. Thinking of after a month long campaign in the dregs there would likely be a few days rest period before the next one started. This would be something cool to fill that time with.

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I certainly think that there needs to be some "breathing room" in between Campaigns.

This is what Crowfall already conceptually is...just sped up a ton. Early on in the Campaign in Spring and Summer Gathering is about as good as can be, there are bonuses to getting Apples and Dust and any Resource. As the Seasons progress these bonuses become negatives and Resources, especially Food, really is much more difficult to come by.

There are some things that need to be adjusted to make this matter more.

Seasons should Impact Stat Caps IMO-as is now they have far greater impact on a newer player than one that has training.
But if your 'CAP' for Plentiful Harvest was 3, or even 1, in Winter...oof.

The Import/Export system allows Resources such as Food to be brought in fairly easily.
Dying resets Hunger meter.
Animal Meat and Food nodes should get penalties just like Apples, Dust and the normal Resources.

Were some of these changed the Seasons would achieve more of their desired effect upon the campaign world and allow player interactions to happen more in line with some ideas expressed.

I would like to see the shrinking world mechanic brought back in from Hunger Dome too though to be sure, force fights more and more often!


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