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'news article' suggestion: stats on popular race/class/disc

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this was done at some point in the hungerdome - stats on what players were playing and even powers used etc

would be interesting to see how people's choices of race, class [promotion?], level, skill training and discs break down [and what people actually slot and use] ;p

could interact with the new world 'scoreboard' too 

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Actually i think most new players have totally no idea what to choose and just choose something thats sounds good. There are so many diciplines and besides some pro players nobody has any expiriences with certain builds. I don`t know if it would really mean something to have this stats.

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Kill/death ratio's would be nice also.

This will lead to people playing the meta more though.

IE - Assassin has a 10-1 kill/death ratio, it will become super popular.

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