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Clam Stacking Casuals (NA) DREGS DREGS DREGS

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We're looking for more people leading up to the big Dregs patch.  We have a small active crew currently, drop in to our discord and say hello if you're interested.


We're currently in Order during the Freyron campaign.

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Mostly new to PvP and looking to learn. Fine with being a resource slave while I figure out the ropes...which may include the best way to gather resources, cuz this "everything is Rank 1" poorly made socks got old quick.

I'm not a 12 slots/12 characters player. I'm going ranger. It appears I'll need another vessel to gather resources. That's gonna be about it.

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Do you like having a good time?  Are you looking to play this video game.  You can win?


Join Clam Stacking Casuals today!  Recruitment is open and we would love to see your best memes.

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We are in control of two built-up forts (the Clam Shack and our summer home in the mountains) and are running into pvp almost non-stop. Join the clams to get in on the action!

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