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02/19/2015 - Physics + Double Archetype Drop!

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Hey folks,   A few items for you today!   - First up, TWO new archetypes for you! The Elven Frostweaver, and the Guinecean Duelist. Both of these narratives provide a few more clues about the Crow

We also added a new screenshot to the media page on the website! It'll be hard for this Frostweaver to get out of this one.   

They're coming...  

A double archetype drop, sweet! The hamster might actually be cute enough to appeal to my gf to start play, a man can hope at least I guess :P


Physics have me genuinely excited, sounds pretty awesome.

Officer of The BlackHand Order

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Physics.... Something to ponder about no? Now there are different Stratagies to Raiding and Invaiding... This turns some tables and opens Doors..

And Omg such cute wow: Badger

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Also, the existence of gun powder within the universe means we'll likely be able to craft other types of explosives. Combine this with what we know about voxel technology and the physics simulation leads to some very interesting possibilities.


For example: A besieging force could dig a tunnel under a wall, giving them access to the courtyard beyond, or they could dig a chamber beneath the wall itself and rig some explosives to collapse the foundation, creating a breach in the space above.



Just an interesting tidbit... There is dynamite in Landmark. When you toss it, it blasts a crater where it lands (you get a ground reticule to aim with) roughly 2/3rd's the depth of a character and at the diameter is maybe three time the height of the character. There might be a vid on youtube... I'm too lazy to look, heh...


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So this is going to be a cross between Dark Souls and Minecraft?  I'm not suggesting that's a bad thing... it's like combining chocolate and peanut butter, spaghetti and meatballs, lamb and tuna fish.

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