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Crafting Armor

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Could someone please explain exactly how to go about making armor with crafting stats please?

My understanding was that during the creation of the materials you use "Specialty Seals" for the profession you are wanting, Blacksmithing Seal, Leatherworking Seal, etc.....

You then take those seals, and use them to create the pieces, metal scales, metal rings, metal plates, etc......

The Specialty Seal when used changes the stats on those items from combat stats to crafting stats??


So far I have attempted this twice and the stats on the items are still combat stats, it is not changing them to crafting stats.

Is there a step I am missing somewhere?  Thanks! 

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Trying to create a leather skinning armor.  I created the specialty seal for skinning but didn't change the leather square stat.  Can you only make the armor chest piece with gathering stats?

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