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Hey, got this game last week and played it quite a bit. I tried almost every class at least to level 10, and stuck with 3 of my favorites. The game is fun so far but has a few issues that I would love to see changed. And hopefully other players agree. 


Durability - I don't mind tools breaking, but weapons and armor durability should only go down when you die, in a more traditional MMO type, with the ability to repair you gear through vendor, or yourself. IF you can do this already i haven't found the person that can repair or know how to do it myself. There is no reason whatsoever for durability to go down from just equipping it. 


UI - this is the biggest issue i have. the UI is clean, it's nice to look at, it's easy to figure it out and see whats going on. However, it NEEDS to be split up, it NEEDS to be able to be opened while moving. What i mean is, Hit C to open character menu, I for inventory, K for skill ETC ETC. but open that window only. There is no need for the entire game menu to open every time you want to do something, making you stop all movement. I would live to auto run, and sort through my inventory etc. 


Gathering/loot- when hitting a rock or a tree or whatever to get MATS, it is fairly annoying when the piece flies off and some unpleasant person runs up and takes it from you. same goes for loot, all loot is open, and I wish it was locked. first come first serve just generates trolls, and a good example is a guy i met in the wild, said he was super low level and didn't know what to do. I invited him to a party and we just went mob hunting and tool some outposts. well he was super fast at looting and I saw items and gold disappear when i tried to loot.  I hope that at some point loot gets locked to the character that initiates the attack first. along with skinning. And for resource gathering i REALLY REALLY would love to see the broken pieces fly into your character, or just end up in your inventory with a notification of what you got. 


Skills and Trays - never change these. They are perfect and will forever insure that no 2 characters have the exact same build. 


Tutorials - Needs better in game tutorials. not videos, although helpful in some ways. 


Enable mouse - Would love to see a keybind to enable the mouse cursor in game, to be able to hover over skills and players. holding F by a player kind of sucks, i would rather right click with a list of options i can click on. However, I personally am a big fan of tab targeting MMOs, and this is just wishful thinking. But Star Trek online has a really good option between action, and tab targeting. I would LOVE this to be added at some point, With an auto basic attack. I understand this is useless in PvP, so the ability or a hotkey to switch back and forth would be awesome. TAb targeting for PVE, action for PVP. again. this is my personal wish, and i am not complaining about the combat system.


Gold - Take gold out of sacrifices, let us sell items to stores. so far gold seems kind of rare, and this game is tailored around crafting right. But for 1500 gold i can just buy a stack of anything. This makes me feel like gathering is just an early game thing, and late game you will just be able to buy the MATS you need, and go gather the stuff you cant find in stores. 


Crafting - please...let us craft in stacks. I dont mean gear, but cooking food, billets, leather etc. the basic stuff you need in order to make better stuff. Just add more time to the counter. If this is something you unlock later or something or is a skill, then let me know and disregard this part. 


Thats about it. so far I really enjoy this game, except the Chaos faction just sits and doesn't do anything :( lol. This MMO is so unique and different, it only needs minor tweaks and probably balancing. Definitely  in the UI. This is the first game i feel happy to have been a supporter of. no regrets and i cant wait to see the final product. 

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