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Sacrifice Item Highlighting

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Hi everyone! This is my first post so hopefully this is the right spot for this.

My suggestion is more of a QoL feature that may not need to be added as people get more familiar with the items and their uses (at least initially.) I think a nice ease in to the sacrifice system is if a purple highlight appeared in the UI around items that are Sacrifice Only Items when you walk up to the fire pit and maybe another highlight and a a tool tip that explains the system some more. 

Here's a rough screenshot of what I had in mind.


I also want to say I've been a lurker since the kickstarter. I guess I'd be what I think Todd refers to as, "Lucy Loos" lol. I've kept up with all the updates and hopped in on the occasional test but now I think the game is in a state where I'll start actively playing and giving feedback. I'm super happy with how the game is progressing you can really see the passion and vision come to life. Money well spent! Keep up the hard work!

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