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5.8 Quickstart Guide for New Players

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I recently wrote a German Guide on how to get started in Crowfall. ACE noticed and kindly asked me to translate it - and I finally did it :D The Guide aims to tackle the basics of the game: 

Character Creation
User Interface
First Steps
Basic Crafting
Leveling and Progression
Passive Skills
Intermediate Crafting

So if you encounter new players feel free to forward this guide and help spread some knowledge. Here's a link to the Guide (it should adjust the language to your settings - if not you can change the language at be bottom of the website): 


If you have any suggestions or find any errors feel free to let me know (either here or by using the comments for the Guide). 

I am currently planning more detailed Guides on sub-topics of the game (like passive training or crafting) - if you have any suggestions on what to tackle first please let me know. There are some old ones I wrote quite a time ago, but these are mostly outdated. 

@Mods: If you think this belongs somewhere else, feel free to move it around. It also might be a good idea to pin this topic somewhere usefull. (?) 

So long

New to the game? Check out this Guide!

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+1 nice job :)

If any of you experience issues with correct display of language, just let me know :) If your browser is set to german you will see the guide in german, any other language should get our english version of the guide.

Feel free to share info with your friends ^_^


German Community Fansitehttp://www.crowfall-community.de/ - News | Forum | Patchnotes | Guild Hosting | Guides | Database

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