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We are all thinking it. [kinda long]

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I recently got this, and i must say. wow. but after playing the campaign i was thinking about the game at work. and then all of a sudden i got hit with something. This game, so far, is what a lot of us wanted, but in a very small restricted package. 

Imagine this. first, take the world of crowfall, but add one more faction. then take the world map, and multiply it by about..lets say 25 to start. now. make a campaign last about 11 months with 1 month down time, OR. dont have campaigns at all. [you see where im going with this..] For as long as i have played MMO rpgs, i have ALWAYS wanted a fantasy style mmo like EVE online. Crowfall, whether you like it or not, IS a very small, dumbed down version of EVE online. You have factions, player build structures, Player made stores, huge crafting trees, steep learning curve. Even has timed skills for professions. Im sure A LOT of people would love to see this game resemble EVE in a way that its just..a bigger game. more areas on the maps, more player built things in the world and not just in EKs. 


I want you to imagine again, you have joined a guild, and its about 8 months into the campaign. Your guild leader plans out to build siege weapons to attack a rival guild. these plans take a month to be carried out gathering racecourses to build trebuchets, rolling towers etc. the day comes for the attack. you go on the battlefield to seize a castle. Why? because this area holds valuable sources of iron. and getting imports of iron is just too expensive. you press the attack with another 50 guild mates. as you charge arrows reign down, and fireballs crash down from the sky. The trebuchet breaks down the walls and the army floods in. the battle is long, in total it takes hours. The battle rages on even after you log off for the night. You keep in touch on your guilds discord. YOU are invested in this battle, and it means something to YOU. The next night, you get home from work, the battle is still going on but both sides sense it will end soon. The castle is badly damaged, but the guild has been preparing the month before and has resources ready for repairs once it is claimed. Even though you have resources, it will still take a week or so to fully repair the keep and add new defenses. The amount of iron this kingdom tile holds is one of the most rich. 

Finally, after almost 2 days of battling. The enemy retreats, and accept their loss. You and your guild have claimed new land. This tile on the map changes to your factions color, showing the world you own that property. you set up repairs, guild member begin to mine the ore, traders get the ore and fill up the inventory on their carriages. Traders travel long distances to export the iron. Its a dangerous journey with the risk of being robbed or murdered for the loot. But the payout at the end of a successful trade is in the tens of thousands of gold. Allowing you to prepare for the next invasion. 

after the campaign is complete. There is a month of peace. you still own all the land you acquired. it does not reset. the world is SO big, there is no need to reset after a campaign. in the month of peace. there is no open PVP. but there is, however, a world tournament. The fastest horse rider? the strongest fighter? the final week of peace there is a huge festival. Where guild can sell the goods they have made. whether its food, items, potions or whatever. Mini games like snowball fights or "the floor is lava" can be played. Players who specialize in music play tunes. and last but not least. Ale is drank. 


but..alas...the festival is coming to a close, and a new campaign will begin...

will you trade, rob, fight, run a shop, hunt, craft, gather, scout, spy....

or will you conquer?


This..this is what crowfall could be. 

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4 minutes ago, veeshan said:

We cant do anything larger with out current player base in the testing environment campaigns atm and short and small for a reason.

There latest livestream touched a bit on it a bit there still alot were missing.


This is more of a final product wishful thinking sort of thing. As playing the alpha, this is what i can see the game becoming at the end. 

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