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Is there an updated implementation list?

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Dear fellow crows,

I just recently bought the EA to not only check out CF. Like you, I'm very intrigued by the whole concept of this game and want to help with in-depth feedback. 

So in order to not spamming the forum with random feedback which might also have been given a long time ago or focussing on a feature which is just a placeholder, I tried to find a updated list of things which are actually ready to test.

I browsed the forums and reddit yesterday and couldn't find any kind of that list. But maybe I'm just dumb, so I ask you:

Is there a thread, a list or a post which contains such information? 
This might as well include things flagged as placeholders, systems due to upcoming changes or already WIP fixes on current problems.

Thanks in advance!

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Actually lot of things changed since i started backing this. You don`t really need such a list. If you browse the forum you might find out that certain topics are mentioned in multiple threads and then maybe do some testing on it by yourself. Just my ideas.


E.g. at the moment there are multiple threads about capture mechanics and how this could be improved. But Todd already mentioned that they are working on this and that something is comming. So you can make a picture of that by yourself.

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The closest thing we have to what you ask is the known issues section.  It's listed along with the patch notes in the Feedback and Bug forum for whatever build we're currently testing.  The developers have very rarely asked for focus testing on a particular feature or bug, since people tend to play with the newest features anyway.

That said, don't worry about reporting old bugs or repeating feedback that we've heard before.  The more the developers hear it, the longer it will stay on their radar.

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