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Vila and placing crafting tables

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Ok, so I thought I'd create a vila so I could have more than one crafting table (according the game website).

I go ahead and use my cottage deed and boom, can't place a thing.

It's bad enough I cannot place my vendor stall and vendor, but now my runecrafting table is in my inventory instead of being used.

Any idea when this might be fixed?

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Yeah, I didn't see any sockets at all. At least the cottage had one socket for a crafting bench.

It wouldn't bug me so much if these things were not so resource heavy.

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Nevermind, the parcel I have only allows for one large structure, my lodge.  I took down the lodge and placed the manor, same thing, no sockets.

The cottage is the only one with a crafting table socket.  The rest of the structures at this time are merely a waste of resources and a burden on your spirit bank.

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