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Lock Characters to EKs

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Last night whilst tired and probably at the point that I should have gone to bed instead of messing I accidentally sent my EK Vessel to a campaign losing all my resources on that character in the process (a lot of Purple and Blue body parts). 

Now like I said, my fault I should have been paying more attention but wouldn’t it be a good idea to lock Vessels to your kingdom aswell so you need to unlock them then to join campaigns. This is a simple adjustment as the feature is already in place for Campaigns.

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The pain is real.  I know many people, myself included, who have stepped through that one way door of a black hole with items.

It definitely needs a solution.  Having an EK lock might be a pretty quick and dirty solution, but it also happens when you move from EK to EK, which is supposed to be something players can to with gear, so something that fixes the real problem should and I am certain will be done.


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