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Balance/NA/New Guild!

Welcome, children of the void. 

We are those that enact the will of Kronos, his madness instilled in men; creating conflict and war.

Thus bringing balance through death. 

Allegiance, only to the void; the tipping of the scales back to center.

Forever shall we war, forever shall we profit;

Until at last, his whisper we hear.

Only to breathe in, our last breath.


We are a guild of about 4 people right now, but are looking to grow.

We have a discord set up and functional with multiple bots to make your time organized, and enjoyable.

I've been playing Crowfall on and off over the last two years, since the Hungerdome days.

We are a Casual Guild, who focus on teaching new players HOW to play efficiently, and how to partake in the various objectives throughout the campaign worlds.


We focus on the following: Partaking in sieges when they're up, taking Forts/Outposts, gathering resources, crafting, PvE

and tipping the scales of the Campaign Worlds. 

Our main priority is to WIN, and to FIGHT. 

However, we're not here to goad and boast how good we are.

The objective is to see Balance's Banner over the win screen, Every Time; at the end of a campaign.


Join us brother and sister Crows; let us reclaim these lands from the clutches of Order.

Join us on discord today by sending me a Personal Message! 

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