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Last 2 Archetypes?

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There's a scroll bar on the old character creation picture for archetypes. PRETTY SNEAKY DEVS!


Judging from the size of the gap that the bar doesn't fill, there might be ~28 total, though I find that hard to believe


Edit: A lot of those archetypes are probably iterative. They'll be combined, split, and dropped altogether

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With the idea of vexels and damaging the earth in mind and knowledge that healing will be limited in pvp, would it make sense for the green lady to be able to heal damaged areas of the terrain? Not reverse effects of the Hunger but things damaged by territory raids. It could also be possible for her earth based magic to attack/defend/support her team.


Elven blademaster? His ears aren't pointy and what elf wears furs? Keeping the furs on his armor in mind I think the first guy is likely a hunter/trapper, beast tamer, or a barbarian berserker with a if survival focus if weather conditions have an effect on an archetype's performance.


Can't wait to find out what these 2 are capable of and what other archetypes are going to be possible.

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I count 5 unreleased archetypes that are VISIBLE:


Row 1 Column 1 - Unreleased 

Row 1 Column 2 - Knight

Row 1 Column 3 - Unreleased (Champion)

Row 1 Column 4 - Confessor


Row 2 Column 1 - Templar

Row 2 Column 2 - Unreleased

Row 2 Column 3 - Assassin

Row 2 Column 4 - Duelist


Row 3 Column 1 - Unreleased (Elken, yes, but this concept art =/= the concept art released for the Stalker, leading me to believe it is a different Elken Archetype)

Row 3 Column 2 - Frostweaver

Row 3 Column 3 - Unreleased (Dryad)

Row 3 Column 4 - Forgemaster


Row X Column X - Legionnaire

Row X Column X - Stalker (based on my speculation about Row 3 Column 1)

Additionally, we're adding another Archetype to the roster today: the Elken Stalker -- one of the Sons of D'Orion, the Sky Hunter.



So far 14 archetypes that we know of.  The scroll bar shows 0-50%; speculating that as of the pre-alpha date for that screenshot, there are anywhere between 21-24 archetypes.

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