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Vendor types - Some linked by "hub" access / some temporary?

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(SWG economy/marketplace inspired)

With all the different goods enhanced with lots of random different stats that we will be creating and placed into the multiple player vendors. Some world placed hub vendor computers / "Terminals" would then simplify and reduce most trade chat spam by simply placing these terminals in some map locations. "linking together lots of vendors/goods to browse through". Again to cut down performance issues of trade chat spam, and to help find various items.

2 versions of accessible vendors I would create:

Random vendor "Terminals" 
- These vendor hubs would act like a terminal purchase (online computer sale) but you have to travel out to go pick up the good. These vendors would include most player EK server vendors to be linked "together" and easily browse within the UI marketplace window. (Pending on design, maybe to include Beachhead and Free city vendors also?)

  • The EK vendors can include the campaigns 1 temporary spirit bank items to sell within their EK vendor during the campaigns duration. (locked to the spirit bank, and vendor.. not to be placed in EK as a campaign won item)
  • These Vendors in EK zones to be required to be "player unlocked/public" for your whole faction (or everyone) to have access to visit it. This then allows displaying your decorated EKs to all faction onlookers/potential shoppers (and creates a fun bonus element displaying your won campaign cosmetics/trophies).
  • Having to shop elsewhere then just within your campaign allows the campaign forts to become somewhat vulnerable by forcing some players out shopping in other maps/EKs.
     (as well as those gathering/regional harvesting. Then having to "rely" on social comms to go back and defend keeps. (make the keeps longer duration to break down too)
  • These terminals do not link ALL vendors out there... These placed "Terminals" are to link most "but not all" of the EK faction wide vendors. Only advanced more higher "tree trained skilled vendors/players would get the special "terminal ad placing access".

    (or maybe lower teir vendors because keep vendors within a campaign may be more worthwhile/profitable)

Temporary on road "campaign" player shops ("node placeable vendors", and "time restricted accessible". For lower skilled players/vendors).

  • Designed for quicker/easier access and for those rolling through campaign regions including Keeps, Forts, and Camps. (maybe also includes temporary Beachhead/FreeCity shops?)
  • Would appeal to the keep campaign defender players or maybe they could offer some rare goods that the browsing Terminals wouldn't then necessarily have in them. (shopper has chance to stumble upon a random better sale, or desirable needed "now" item. (like food/potions))
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