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Leveling Is important and other


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Although i haven't played the game yet but i deeply feel that the lack of leveling might just ruin the game on long term basis. What i mean is leveling doesnt only shows how much stronger you are but also keeps the track of one persons journey. What you can do is have a leveling system tgat doesn't effects stats of the person that way the only difference between a new comer and an pro will be the knowledge and there still will a way to discriminate newbie and pro's. 

While we are on the topic the other thing i want to suggest is that you might like to give the towns a creation orb kind of thing hence when a town is created a certain thing might be required to be placed in order to create a town in that region. What this will do is afterwards you can attach an respawning system there. Other wise on long term it might end up being biased for a game like fortnite. As of you can see its more of last one standing mmo than a rpg

And also please try to give building rights to people like the building they created can be entered by certain people or as if killing could be done inside it. This will give players a chance to get realistic feel and may be store weapon and more profoundly a reason to destroy then not only for fun but also for great loots. 

Kiro and the other thats totally true that i might have some misconceptions but as seen from the gameplay i can only see the points tree as the only static thing that remains with you on your journey but there should be more than that what basic leveling defines is an identity of the account rather than just skills so as if i were playing this game it wouldn't be like its kazezeus it would be more like the kaze zeeus of the certain level is playing 

miraluna as i said the skill is the one thing that i totally understand the concept of but on the other hand if you could just enable the leveling even just as an overview with no adverse effects it might have more impact on the world

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There is leveling ingame and functioning. Level 1 vessels have one or two active abilities and can't put on major and minor disciplines, and the ability to do so is acquired through the talent system. (Leveling up can be done by sacrificing or by grinding rank relevant mobs.)

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