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is there a difference between Patron and Pioneer?


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You get access to the LIVE server for as long as the game exists, no matter what package you buy.

The only difference in access between the Patron pack and the Pioneer pack is in regards to the TEST server. Patron comes with Beta 3 and Pioneer comes with Beta 1.

What this means is that when a new major milestone is added to the TEST server, you won't be able to try it out as quickly if you have the Patron pack (Beta 3) compared to the Pioneer pack (Beta 1). They always start by inviting the pre-alpha groups first, then the alpha groups, then the beta groups. The difference between Beta 1 and Beta 3 in these cases is maybe a week, at the most. More likely it's probably a matter of days.

All of the testing groups (up to Beta 3) have access to the TEST server right now, and will until the next major milestone (5.9), but TEST isn't always up. The LIVE server, they keep up 24/7, except for maintenance and unscheduled outages, obviously.

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