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Why should i bother to play in alpha?

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On 1/24/2019 at 8:51 AM, Ungood said:

DAoC also had massive PvE only zones where you could work crafting and level your character in fun and fraction specific environments.. which is really missing from this game.

They could expand or remove safe areas and already have the design in place. I'd much rather it be easier to level from various means that don't require a lot of PVE grinding on mobs or insert whatever chore to get to the fun stuff. Even having multiple zones is relatively new. A lot is missing because this isn't a game, yet.

On 1/24/2019 at 8:51 AM, Ungood said:

This is a legit concern of mine, that a large volume of people will come here thinking this will be like a massive RvR set up, like a massive upgrade to their MOBA's or BR games, see what they actually have here, and swiftly go back to playing their MOBA's, BR's and other PvP games.

I think this is what a lot of people are trying to prevent from happening with their suggestions.

Don't worry, they will and do so gladly, and for good measure they will inform anyone and everyone else expecting the same to stay away.

From kickstarter to know, some things have changed. The site itself isn't overly informative as is. Hopefully by the time soft launch and or their marketing push happens, they'll be able to clean it up and spell out exactly what the game is and how it functions. If they do and people still think this is a big MOBA or whatever, that's on them and they can either try it or not. If ACE doesn't market well, then they'll suffer the consequences. Drastically changing anything in the game to appease MOBA/BR fans is definitely not the way to go. 


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