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Logging out in Forts

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A nice QOL enhancement would be to move the player from a Fort to the Beachhead if they log out in a faction-owned fort and on their next log in, the fort is owned by an enemy faction.


There are workarounds to mitigate the risk of this now which include:

1. Banking all items before you log out in a fort

2. Teleporting to the beachhead before you log out


But both of these add unnecessary chores to the game IMO causing people to constantly teleport or bank before they log out without adding any depth or fun to the game.

Automatically teleporting players if they log out in a friendly fort and log in when the fort is hostile would remove the need for the extra chores.

The loss in doing this is it does remove a strategy of several players logging out in a fort together, planning to log in and attack in case the fort is taken.

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Great idea but I would tweak it just slightly:

If when a character logs in and they are in an enemy controlled fort/keep or a siege is currently in process, they are ported automatically to their temple.




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