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Today's reset


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Just came back after more than 2 years and have a small question.

Will vessels also wipe or should I lvl them with my remaining frames?

(heh I dont know if the server is down yet :) )

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I dont know man, a 45 min heads-up seems a tad... irresponsible. I mean, I doubt they just decided to upload the 5.8.1 on a whim like that. Those sort of things are the kind that are planned days in advance. So yeah, they could probably have made the announcement earlier.

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Well damn, wake up to 5.8.1 dropping. Guess I will go my Warden Ranger again first. With all the farming that needs to happen, my guild def gonna need the stealth detect. Also trailmaster with no mounts will be very powerful.

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It's okay people, it's just another wipe.  I don't like all the wiping but they have to wipe all the gear if they are making new weapon damage values; can't have people running around with advanced weapons 5x stronger and not able to be made anymore.  They aren't wiping to punish you and condemning them for it doesn't make your point any more logical or coherent.  A discussion is one thing, demanding people acknowledge your anecdotal feelings are right isn't the same thing. 

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