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Capture Points testing begins - Official discussion thread

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id just like to add, the way things currently work, giving us 1 import for the sanction CW is the same thing as giving up 1000 imports.


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Something I'm curious about, is the ratio of points between what a captured fort (for example) provides per 'tic', and how much per said same tic, it banks up the capture bonus.


Maybe it's just a small nit pick on my part, but it seems to me that the points total, is just so inflated in number to where it almost doesn't register. It reminds me of however many WoW expansions ago, where everyone went from a couple thousand health, to a couple hundred thousand health, to everyone with millions of health--all so that weapons could make higher numbers happen. Instead of being exciting, it was just sort of 'meh'. The current points tally feels very much that way--meh. What's a five-figure capture bonus, compared to the total that's up to eight or nine figures, or however many it's at now? 



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