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The potential of this game saving the MMO genre

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3 hours ago, BarriaKarl said:

Well, I did say it was more complicated than that.

The key points is that your losses are not recoverable. Every loss and your (and the game's) options are cut off. Slowly, ever so slowly, the game starts to become simple, boring, predictable?

It is hard to explain.

What made me realize that problem was learning to play shogi. Pretty close to chess, but there is one major difference -- you can capture, and as such use, your opponent's pieces. That means a constant flux of options. The end-game has the same number of options than we had at the start. Once you play that you realize how punishing and limiting the losses in chess are. And consequently how insurmountable a gap those can generate.

In shogi you always feel like you can recover if you play it right. Which is the kind of feeling CF should give.

So yeah, be more like shogi and less like chess. /thread

I'm intrigued, and I'll check it out!

Mic MWH, Member of Mithril Warhammers since 2003,

Hammers High! http://www.mithrilwarhammers.com

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On 25/1/2019 at 9:27 PM, ferorious said:

Befor I begin with my novel (lol) let me explain some things, I personally think that this game has a lot of potential and I hope it will develop as such a title. I think you as the developer state pretty good what kind of game you want to make (and that is good so), you state very clearly what you want to implement in the game but for me it seems that you don't know how to do that. For example you said in several videos that you will have the possibility to scheme and to eventually betray other kings and so on, now i know that the game is still in the pre.Alpha but every update that came so fare (at least since I have the game) are fixes of some bugs and evtl performance, but I have never seen some content update so far, thats why I think you don't really know how to implement all the things that you mentioned. At this point I want to say that I think that it's better for the development of the game and the increase of customers to update more content than bugfixes, because its still in the alpha where bugs and performance problems are quite normal. The last thing I want to criticize is the direction that you are taking with the payment method, I played a lot of MMORPGs so far (I'm sure you have read that a lot of times already ;D), and made a lot of experiences (bad and good) about the different methods, the package method that you are using so far is OK, BUT you are taking the wrong path like a game called Black D***** Online (for the once who don't know what happend there is a summary in the spoiler underneath) especially the new possibility to buy guild tags and banners particularly because a kingdom without a banner is not a kingdom so you basically need to buy some designs from you.

  Reveal hidden contents

They basically began with selling packages like crowfall, but instead of going on, on that path they began to sell always more gamerelevant items in the cash shop instead of only esthetic items. Now the game is pratically p2w it costs only 5€ instead of 45€ for a bundle the old players that were there since the beginning all left and became  angry, we sent a complaint as a whole guild and instead of giving us answers, they banned us for a few days and threatn us with a permanent ban if this happens again.

So I know that you as a company need to make money but I (I studied economy for about 5 years) think that if you make your customers happy within your financial possibilities they will more likely buy your products instead of buing the products of some developer studio that sees you as a cash cow (see the things mentiont above in the spoiler).

Now I've said enough negative aspects lets go to the suggestions I have. Like I mentioned before Crowfall has a lot of potential especially for Role Playing. Unlike other MMO"RPG"s you can play a role as King, Vasal or what ever and play your role as such, I think that is a really good point for Crowfall for the case that it will ve developt because Role Playing is a thing that everyone is missing lately in MMOs, for example why not implementing emoticon like kneeling for roleplaying an expacially for the feeling (this idea just came while writing this post ;D).

Now here some suggestions for the content that I personally think will be good for the game:

  1. So basically I think that Guilds are not needed or at least don`t call them guilds for the simple reason that you play a king so why should i bother about guilds if i am on the peak of the hierarchy. Instead of guilds I would recommend something else... (see later in point 3)
  2. Another idea of mine is that in case you supply your kingdom with recource it can develeop itself. For example you begin with your character and one parcel, you build now a house on that parcel and you have food provisions. As a result you gain a NPC citizen. And so you can grow your little city into a big kingdom. So the idea is about giving the player the possibility to take the role as a king and to take tasks and responsibilities as such. The next point is about how this should work.
    This method of groing a kingdom (also with NPCs) is also a good alternativ for solo players so you can make a weaker army not with players but with NPCs, so basically quantity instead of quality. (every game should have possibilty for solo players even Sea of Th**** have them)
  3. Like I mentioned befor you should take your ROLE as a king and manage your territory and liegemans, so that you can grow your small village into a proud kingdom so here the idea of how it should work: my idea was about making a own menu tab (like the crafting menu or the soul bank) where you can manage your kingdom. There you can assign your citizens to jobs for example NPC warriors of farmers or whatever, but especially the rights of your fellows like player vasalls should be managed there. There should be also a tab for diplomacy.
  4.  Another suggestion of mine is that your character is permanent and that you only train you skills in the escape menu for 2 reasons 
    - so that you can instead of training you own skills, make researches for developing you kingdom
    - for the simple reason that its your character and you want to level that one and not making for every campaign a new one (see also point 5)
  5. A point that also confused me was how the campain mode was made (dunno if it is only provisory) that`s why have a other suggestion how to make them:
    My idea is that you as a king need to go in the wilderniss (the campaign) for 2 things: 1. new/more resources 2. for more land (parcels). In the wide lands of the wilderniss you need to fight against the other kingdoms for the land and the resources, also against mobs hords and maybe NPC kingdoms that owns the land? And of course another possibility to gain this resources is to attack a other ethernal kingdom. The economy should be player driven so that you can become a merchant city so that you have alternatives of only military.
  6. The last idea that i have at the moment came with the following question: what if someone doesnt want to take the role as king? well the first alternativ is that he could work as a vassal or duke or whatever, the other possibility is my suggestion: Why not giving the possibility to use your ethernal kinggdom to create a base where you gather players and work as merchenarys or maybe just build a city that has a lot of power because its the central point for trading with other kingdoms. So I would suggest that you make something like a guild menu but you can select the category for example merchant or mercenary.

Final Note: You may have noticed that I wrote of a lot of "I think", "I would" ecc. thats because this are basically my (and of a friend of mine) thoughts but I think a lot of people can relate to what i've written here and may like some suggestions but the most important thing is that i didn't wrote this novel just for wanting my ideas in the game or for gaining something for myself, let me explain in detail: I basically grew up with MMORPGs and I`ve play a lot of games already and I noticed something that everyone who loves this genre should have... This genre is dying. so like I mentioned at the beginning I see a lot of potential in this game so that it may could revive this genre, and thats why i wrote this whole script so that YOU AS DEVELOPER could create a f***ing amazing game. All the things I've written are all for you developers so that you can gain profit and all the other benefits from creating a masterpiece. 
In reality I dont think that even one of my ideas will be realized (this are basically all possible things for a professional programmer) but I hope that at least the coremessage will arrive to you.

PS: English is the third language I speak and write so I hope that its somewhat understandable what i'ive written

Conquer the world and stay tuned
kind regards

This was the main discussion basically :D:D

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