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How to have many new players on Crowfall

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  • Wipe everything (skills too)
  • Set Skill Rate to x5 instead x3
  • Fix use of Spirit Bank (only open spirit bank on Faction Temple)
  • Fix the import export reset bug (you just need unlock your char and go back to campaing)
  • For 7 days campaing, allow only 100 import and export
  • On Faction select screen, don't show the campaing numbers...
  • Nerf Champion
  • Make a Referrer Friend to give some crowns to Referrer
  • Remove Craft Disciplines
  • Make smallers maps...

When? Today! Do this asap and i garantee a lot of new players will come to Crowfall...




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I think the passive training "issue" could be fixed by simply having a system that automaticly starts generating the points whether you log in or not. And so that the points aren't tree specific more than the basic option of Combat, Exploration, Crafting.

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