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forum notification/timestamp odditity

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7 hours ago, mystafyi said:

Why don't you contact them about the devtracker and members online issue also?

yea those both been broken so long now too. if they can't be fixed, at least hiding them would have been a way to go, if possible.

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To follow-up: I hadn't received any news from Invision's Support team, so I nudged them again this morning. As you guys pointed out, there's more at issue here than the forums running slow, posts taking some time to be displayed properly and edits not being completed as they should. We're looking to get all of that fixed plus the Dev Tracker, "Who's Online" feature and other features we should have but don't. I'll continue to update you as I know more. 

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Just throwing in my experience which may be related.

Getting the same issue with posts not showing or updating at all. It's basically a snapshot of what I've seen last.
Clearing cookies refreshed it, but it doesn't appear to have fixed the issue.

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