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Crowfall: PvT Edition

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If the plan is by release to have the 30 levels be a tutorial, where you learn your character and skills and leave the starting area at level 30, then I think it is ok.  In its current implementation though, I have to agree that the leveling might as well be removed and have everyone spend 30 levels worth of stat points at character creation.

If the idea is the first 30 levels will be a *guided* tutorial, teaching you how to skin an animal, etc.. and they give quests that grant whole levels for completing so you can hit level 30 in an hour or two of walking around gathering mats to craft your starting weapon to complete a tutorial quest that will give you your first 5 levels or something though, then that seems OK.  I would still prefer to see an option to 'skip the tutorial' and go straight to level 30 if players wanted to, however.

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I didn't get in last night, but it sounds like they are cleaning up "exploits".

  • Campfire items in the beginning area not giving experience.
  • Lower durability giving less experience.

I am guessing they will continue to fix any item that gives more experience than the rest.  I think soil is one of the ones giving higher experience. 

IMHO - I think the talent tree is a home run and great idea.  But this games goal is PvP with gathering/crafting be integral.  I don't see it ever competing against PvE games with quest for leveling.  It isn't fun in this game at all.

Did the address in the call yesterday?  I was at work and only able to listen to the first half.

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In my opinion this is supposed to be a throne war.


Not a farm mobs and crafting sim.

Give us XP for capping and holding real estate.

Or even better eliminate the whole idea of leveling- give real rewards for for the throne war and let us fight it out.

www.lotd.org       pking and siege pvp since 1995

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