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Devotion, Artifacts & Fixing the Sacrifice System

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I'm going to jump right in and say this: Leveling in Crowfall right now is tedious, the mechanics behind sacrificing to the gods feels cheap; and I don't feel *Good* when I see that I gained a level from throwing axes and apples into a fireplace. With how much lore @jtoddcoleman has poured into the Crowfall Universe, why have us sacrifice just anything to the gods? Here are my pointers for making leveling more fun, more balanced; and mean something to the lore of the universe. 


Chaos Embers, and Ethereal Dust are integral parts of each step of the gameplay process. These reagents are also integral to the story of how Valkyn the All-Father tore the great wyrm in twain, removing the Embers of its lifeblood, using this to form the Sun; the EMBERS of the sun still spread across the shattered worlds. 

The all father, not done with his vengeance, tore from the second half of the Great Wyrm; its unborn spawn still wrapped in a celestial shell. The egg was thrown to the heavens, and thus named Moon; the silvery blue DUST motes still flake off its surface, drawn to the Chaos Embers of its mate. 

These are the offspring of the Sun and Moon, these, I view; are worthy of all the gods. 

For what use do gods have for weapons and armor, wood and stone? They are gods, are they not? Can they not just weave of the fabric of the universe these things? 

Right now, we can take ANYTHING in the world that has a sacrifice value, and send it unto the gods; specifically right now to Malekai, the whisperer. Anything we craft, things we collect; all for a return of Experience Points... but WHY would the gods favor us for these trinkets and baubles? It's silly to think a god like Maeve would care for anything but carnage and war. See an except from her Lore page:

Maeve is the Goddess of War and the Ruler of the Oceans. She glories in conquest; in combat she has no equal. The undisputed master of the blade, not one of the Gods could stand against her in single combat and survive.

Or perhaps Malekai himself, speaking of his white spiders?

Messengers and spies, they scurry in shadow, eager to do his bidding. In dark corners they dance on threads of moonlight. They watch and they listen.

If we were to take bits of each god, and have them tied to the leveling system; it makes things much more interesting. Here are the mechanics I propose to make this work...


At the start of your vessel entering a campaign; you decide which god you are devoted to. This changes the artifacts you can equip for buffs and sacrifice for experience. (more on Artifacts below.)

Each time a season ends, and a new begins; so does the choice of which god you wish to devote yourself to. Depending on the god you devote to, you gain a buff on what in-game actions are indicative of that gods lore.

For instance: Devoting yourself to Maeve, the goddess of Warfare - You gain 5% extra experience for taking part in sieges, participating in PvP, and gain a lump-sum of Experience every time you get player kills while the siege timer is up.  (This would be more popular in Fall and Winter) If your faction wins during the siege, you get another lump-sum of Experience. If you lose, your devotion weakens, and your bonus XP in sieges goes down 5%.

Or: Devoting yourself to Yaga, the reaper, the collector - You gain extra experience not in taking part in PVP; but by capturing a players last breaths in an empty flask. These can be sacrificed for experience thus adding the fallen player's name to her book of whispers. Once that name is consumed; they cannot be added to the book again by anyone; until the next season. (this stops people from killing the same people over and over, I see this being a popular choice for small group PvP as the F to interact like chopping off a head would be how the whisper would be collected.) 

Or: Devoting yourself to D'Orion, god of the Hunt; stalker of prey - you gain passive experience up to a CAP each season by actively stalking your prey while in the (Tracking Tray?). You also gain the Active skill *Hunter's Mark* where you mark your prey, or their trail. You gain a +5% damage bonus to that target only; and if you kill that target you also gain a flat XP bonus of *A certain amount*. 

You can see how this gives a sense of purpose, if you play an assassin role such as @ZYBAK and are looking to feed Yaga's book of whispers, you level up not but sending her minerals and a bouquet of flowers; but by stealing the final words of the dying. 

It adds PURPOSE to gaining experience, it adds a meaning to how our vessels grow. We aren't spoon fed experience by sacrificing logs, or worthless axes to all powerful being. We earn our experience through actively playing a ROLE. Sure, it may be more of a pain in the ass to level up our vessels; but if they purposely make it easy, then why the hell do they even make us do it? Just remove levels all-together if it's going to stay the way it is. 

Once you give your players a role within the world, especially new players; then they know what they have to do to level up. 

(ON A SIDE NOTE: I think that harvesting, and crafting should also provide a base amount of experience; depending on which god/goddess you are devoted to that amount increases. Such as being devoted to a smithy god, or what-have-you.)


Those relics and religious artifacts left behind by the priesthoods of the gods; they hold value to those that covet their worth in gold, and power to those that wear them in honor of their god. The gods seek out these trinkets as well, granting memories of battles long past, giving their eternal champions more awareness and EXPERIENCE for their willingness to return such a sacred bauble to them. 

Depending on the God that the Artifact is attributed with, they provide different buffs; which scales with the Rarity of the Artifact. These would give incentive to those that wish to explore and plunder these dying worlds. 

These temples are hidden behind Rune gates, that lead to "instanced dungeons" for parties to explore. Once the Rune-gate is entered; it begins to crumble; and after 5 minutes, it becomes no more. Those trapped inside must make it to the end, where the treasure resides. Amongst this treasure is a recall stone, which instantly transports you out of the rune-gate. If you leave with the Recall spell, the stone shatters. 

The rune-gates run on a random timer; winking back into existence in a different area of the campaign map. Maybe 5-10 reside in each campaign world at any given time, always warping to different locations; hidden on top a mountain, or deep under WATER cause @jtoddcoleman loves that stuff.

Artifacts would be our Sacrificial items to the gods, as well as areas to fight over with other factions. You're looking to level up your vessel? Well this artifact gives you X amount of XP (typically a large amount to make it worth while) OR it gives you some kind of buff while you wear it. However, you only get the buff, and can only sacrifice the artifact, if you're devoted to the god it was made for.

As a reminder: Your devotion can be changed at the start of each new season, in the left hand area of the Beach head where all those statues line the boar pit; have a statue of each one of the gods there; and that's where you would choose who you're devoted to. Your devotion lasts per season, so you can only change it four times per campaign.

 Last Words

I really enjoy where Crowfall is going, but there are many things I feel are pointless. It may be ACE has a card up their sleeves for fixing the current sacrifice system. However, I'd love to chat more with @jtoddcoleman and @Tyrant on how this could work. I have some ideas, and I'd be more than willing to do a voice chat off-stream, or on-stream, to discuss this. 



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