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An idea

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I teamed up with a random player today and had a great time capturing both our first camp and tower. We specifically sought out an R2 difficulty level and while basking in our glory capturing the point back from those filthy others, we discussed what sounded like a cool idea. What if after capturing our point back we were able to head back to our local fort and purchase a supply cart that would set out on a mission to increase the R level of the point we had just liberated? It would require our dutiful defense so the local brigands didn’t plunder it’s riches and if we were successful, the greatful guards would equip better gear and have a hearty meal, and gain an R level. Maybe tie in some sort of mild immediate reward to make it a bit more worthwhile than just making it harder for other factions to take it in the future. Anyways, just an idea. Have fun folks!

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