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Another alternative idea to leveling.

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Leveling a character to 30 in this game is neither fun nor challenging.  Right now it's harvest as many mats to craft whatever gives you the most xp or kill as many of the few animals you can find to get enough gold to buy your way up.  Nothing is really learned by this and seems to be a needless grind you have to do to begin to enjoy the game.

As an alternative, Here's an idea to get characters quickly up to 25 so that their characters can be mostly developed and ready to leave the beachhead to see all that's out there.

Tutorial: You arrive in the cave (and not on top of it) and a message displayed on how to select your crow skills.
Level 1: Select Your Crow Skills.

Message explaining adding Stat Points and Talents
Level 2: You apply your Stat Points and Talents

Message explaining how to assign your skill you just got.
Level 3: You Assign your skill to your bar

Message displays to go look in the chest and extract the axe and meat.
Level 4: You extract items out of the chest.

Message displays how to equip your axe and cook and eat the meat at the campfire.
Level 5: You do the above.

Message displays how to chop down trees and to go get 6 wood.
Level 6: ^^

Message displays harvesting pips and critical weaknesses and to get 6 more wood.
Level 7: ^^

Message displays how to craft a hammer, pick, and knife and to craft and & equip one of each.
Level 8: Hammer
Level 9: Pick
Level 10: Knife

Message displays how to harvest Ore and Stone and to get 12 of each
Level 11: Ore
Level 12: Stone

Message explains passive skills (and disciplines if still needed)
Level 13: 

Mesasge reminds you to allocate stat points and talents.
level 14:

Message explains crafting weapons and to use your resources collected to do so.
Level 15: Craft and equip your weapon(s).

Message explains hunting and skinning animals.
level 16:  Kill 6 Spiders.
Level 17:  Skin 6 Spiders.

Message explains Hunger Crystals and how to harvest them.
Level 18: Harvest 4 Nodes

Message explains sacrifices and how to do them.
Level 19: Sacrifice any Item.

Message displays the wild boar have gone mad near the gate to the temple and must be stopped.
[Need to kill and skin enough boar to get leather required for a full suit of intermediate leather]
Level 20: Once enough mats collected

Message displays that it's now time to go to the beachhead and how to get there.
Level 21: Arrive at Temple on the beachhead.

Message explains how and where to craft Intermediate Leather Armor
Level 22: Craft/equip Chest
Level 23: Craft/equip Boots and Gloves

Message explains how to craft Intermediate Weapons and where to gather mats on the beachhead.
Level 24: Craft/Equip Weapons

Message explains that it's now time to leave the beachhead and venture out into the unknown.
Explains the map and the Siege/Adventure Maps as well as the different gates and capture points.
Level 25: Leave any of the gates.

Levels 26 through 30+:  Gained by killing mobs, crafting, harvesting, and sacrificing items.

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I like the idea of using the tutorial to give levels.  This is similar to how many other games implement the leveling system when max level is the main body of the game.

Leveling the way it is seems off - there aren't any "level 10 zones" like in PvE games.  Everything is a level 30 zone in Crowfall, so spending time getting to level 30 just to start playing the game seems needless to me.

Having the levels gating the game mechanics off and only unlocking them as you learn how to interact with them via the tutorial sounds like a great solution.  It will help stop overwhelming brand new players with too many choices right off the bat, provide some guidance on how to start playing the game, and give people that warm fuzzy tingly reward for hearing DING when they complete a task.

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