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EXP and Leveling

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I have some concerns about the sacrifice system getting hit repeatedly with the nerf bat.  Mostly that there doesn't seem to be any consideration for a replacement.  Grinding mobs for EXP in crowfall is painful, especially in a game where PvE is supposed to be an incredibly minor part.  Don't get me wrong, I am actually not opposed to a mixture of PvP and PvE, I think it can work really well.  But the PvE mobs are really bad here.  They are boring, stupid (in AI terms) and offer zero engaging content.  They also don't give much in the way of exp and they fall off to nothing very quickly.

With the gating of disciplines that are required for not yet implemented recipes (a temp fix that I don't mind given the pre-alpha status) and the gating of gear for classes until you hit nearly level cap (sub-class gear options) it's really painful to play right now.

With the problem stated, here are my suggestions since this is a suggestion thread and not a gripe at the devs thread ;)


1.  Offer us a comprehensive fix to EXP and leveling rather than just whacking the (arguably) one section of EXP grinding that actually works and ignoring the rest.

2.  If mobs need to play a larger more engaging role then please give them some love and slow down the fall off in EXP, or even eliminate the 0 EXP part of it letting them give a small but non-zero amount of EXP regardless of level.

3.  Make it more clear which mobs will give EXP for your level.  Other MMO's I have played did this by changing the nameplate color based on the comparison of the mobs level to yours.

4.  Tie the mobs EXP to total attribute points instead of level.  A low level blue vessel is going to have a much easier time with an R5 mob than a low level white vessel and that should be reflected in the EXP instead of just using levels.

5.  Move the subclass gear options forward in the tree, like around level 15 and use the following levels to specialize into and get better at the subclass.  This helps get people into the fight sooner as they can equip the gear they will actually be fighting with earlier while still leaving a reason to progress.

6. At least until the crafting stuff is all implemented open up 2 crafting discipline slots immediately.


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I hope the devs remove gating skills behind levels and shallow out the power curve at the very least. The game's concept on this matter was very clear. no grind for the sake of grind and no pve grind to pvp. Why the game took a hard left turn after 5.7 on this issue I don't know.

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I don't mind having to level, but I do mind that the only ways to level are either killing high rank mobs or sacrificing items. We need a more diverse routes to leveling up.


You Can't Be A Genius, If You Aren't The Slightest Bit Insane.

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It should be quick and painless to level a basic vessel. By the time a player reaches the gates to open pvp aka "the end game," they should have a lvl 30 vessel in basic gear for that class/promo.

This could be done "easily" through the tutorial system.

Open a chest, eat an apple, make a tool, make a weapon, kill a mob = gain a level each.

This would allow players new and old to try out a wide variety to see what they actually want to spend tons of time advancing and mastering.

Beyond that, make higher tier vessels have a hefty cost that goes with the benefit. Those seeking purple vessels should have the resources, know how, and means to level them up.

Provide multiple ways to gain experience, preferably doing things players actually want to do throughout the game or why they are interesting in the first place.

PVP kills, turn in heads, capture POI, defend POI, tier based gathering/crafting, kill mobs, run across the map 10000 times, whatever.

This is pretty standard in MMOs and if ACE has ditched the "we don't do kill mob = exp = level" concept, might as well embrace some of the better aspects of PVE games.

Bit misleading to promote a game as allowing players to choose/play how ever they want and then offer two poisons to suffer through. Having a billion combos is pointless if players can only reasonable ever try, let a lone get proficient with a small fraction.

A new lvl 30 basic character has a long way to go still assuming the player doesn't plan to be a free kill forever. However, it gives new players a chance to participate in whatever role they wish without missing large pieces of their build.

From there players can dump time/energy into getting better gear, leveling better vessels in whatever way, along with the risk of "screwing up" through talents (they should of tried on a basic vessel) and disciplines which should have their own cost/benefit and potential risk.

If leveling up was engaging and more of an experience like PVE games it would be a different story, but it isn't. There is no lore, quests, NPCs of note, variety of towns/landscape/mobs, etc. Seems many fans of this type of game don't want that experience in this game, yet we have what I consider worse version. Just a mindless grind as a means to an end without any fluff to make it at least pretend to be fun.

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