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Alternative Name in game: Houses!

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Hi all!

I hope you are enjoying Crowfall like me !

I Start this thread to share with all of you a suggestion about the name that is displayed in game.
Currently, giving a name to the character that we created in Crownfall does not help much, since you end up seeing the name of the account.

I heard about this recently. A friend told me that it was like a punishment measure for those toxic players, because that way you could identify the player regardless of the character that was created. However, I think there is a better way to respect this and to make the game more oriented to the role play.

And that is: Familiy names!

My idea is that the account name is used as the surname of our characters, as if it were a house they serve. So if a player is toxic, it will be as if "that family" had no honor.

Thus the name of the characters could be seen.

I give you an example:

My username is Valandril (As you can see in this post)

I create a Druid named: Pathelin, and in the game would be "Pathelin Valandril".

I create a Templar called: Uller, and in the game would be "Uller Valandril".

I hope you have understood me, despite my English quality XD.

What do you think?

Edited by Valandril

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Interesting, but it wouldn't work quite as simple. Your case is an exception since your account name work as surname. What about me? Karl BarriaKarl?

But yeah, the naming in CF is a little weird. It doesnt affect me since I will only play males and 'BarriaKarl' would be what I would use in all my characters, but I can see how it would affect some players that like to come up with differents names to differents chars.

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1 minute ago, Devonic said:

character names are just for you.   Your account name is the name of all your characters

Yes, I know the current use for account name, I suggest to change that for promote the roleplaying game. 

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