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Vessel Crafting frustrations from a necromancer

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Major roadblocks


1) Minerals are rare drops from motherlode destruction. This requires putting together a group during the harvesting seasons..( this can be a chore in itself)

2) Minerals in order to be ground need to be the same quality level- This means that you could spend all night hitting motherlodes and still not be able to make a vessel because you received

1 poor 1 rare 1 epic Halite

1 poor 1 rare 1 epic Cinnabar 


and cant grind them in the recipe ( you need 2 raw minerals of the same quality level to grind them)

Potions and good tools can help but the potion requires rare drops ( Bone)

When you do manage to get lucky and get enough to make Ambrosia- One Batch Ambrosia gives you 5 doses of Ambrosia-

and Most vessels REQUIRE 6 doses to make?( not including flawed assemblies or centaurs)

Upgrading your vessel requires searching the maps for the highest rank graveyards, harvesting them continually in order to

Get several full sets of bodyparts to protect against flawed assemblies

Get all your add on pieces ( hands/ femurs/ humeruses)


Philosopher stones are even more of a time sink as their quality level needs to be equal or better than your body parts.



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Isn't the chance for minerals decent? The numbers in the skilltree look decent at least. Haven't tested it yet even though I have all the nodes for it maxed in excavation. (Didn't bother spending time to look for a group to do that a whole evening with so far)

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Last big harvest run I've been on, we got enough minerals for about 5 vessels after about an hour or so of smacking rocks.
Hitting rank 8-10 nodes, more often than not, they were spitting out 6 minerals by the end of the motherlode.

Basically, it's not a problem.
Harvesting group are no problem either, as it's doable with simply 2 people. 3 or 4 if you really want to speed through it, but at that point if you're targeting specific nodes, you'll probably end up waiting around for respawns

6 hours ago, Koerpermilch said:

Isn't the chance for minerals decent?

The drop chances are more than decent if you get all the mineral chance nodes in the basic tree.
Throw in a pot and the Connoisseur Disc, and you'll be making it rain minerals.

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