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Need Map Annotations

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There was talk at one time of having cartography as part of the exploration side of the game.

A passive skill or discipline allowing players to make poi annotations to a guild shared map layer would play into that nicely.

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That point is interesting.
It would be great, for example, a new profession on the same line as Runecrafter, called "Cartographer".
It would be responsible for creating "maps" using for example: papyrus and ink (created from flowers that can be picked up by the map) plus some hard-to-get ingredient.

Also, making a "map" of an adventure zone would be less complicated than doing it in an siege zone.

Once you get the "map", we could use it and mark a location. (Depending on the rarity of the map, the area will be more marked, making a more closed circle)

Those maps, could be put on sale.

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