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[LEGION] Guild Recruting NA

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Work Together , help each other and Have Fun is what we believe in.
Focusing on small group plays since this is our first guild for MMO's and if you wish to take a step and help us out and grow that will be awesome. We are just getting started 

We will be more focusing on gathering mats and improving gears and gaining experience in group for pvp and taking over forts and camps. if you're willing to join us we have only very few rules :

we are small guild right now with only 12 members but growing everyday


* Work together and help each other
*  Friendly and Fun
*  Respect each other and don't forget to have FUN

How to Join the Guild :

1. here is the link to the guild page : https://crowfall.com/en/guild/
2. You can search for the guild name [LGN]Legion from the link in step 1
3. Guild Discord : https://discord.gg/rykC3Tp

Patch 5.8.4 Siege Gameplay : 


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need to add video

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