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Stat option i would like to see on equipment

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There a bunch of things that would be good on armor or jewelery stat wise so gonna list some i would like to see.

Dodge Power and Rate
Long/Short Cooldown reduction
Control intensity and defence
max group distance
Blocking cost and big hit cost
Barrier bonuses 
Also would like to see more thing like Thorns/Retribution and Life steal (Not the bonus to it armor has) i feel these should be PvE dropped additives that you can put in crafted items so there rarer than the others :)

Bibulosity, Metabolism, Subsistance

Inventory slots
Increased quality per stage

Couple suggestion
Assembly stat should also have a chance to boost the quality of the craft by a small % it has a way to be flawwed it should be able to get a small chance for a exception craft :) assembly not realy worth capping since its so easy to get 98% success per crafts so its a very weak stat atm compared top the others

Plethora of dust armor is no where near as good as the other 2 harvesting sets, i would suggest giving it a small increase in chaos embers drop i know more dust = more chance but after using it its so negeable that i feel the crits from the other 2 harvesting setsd actualy gives more


Veeshan Midst of UXA

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I would also love more stat customization options for equipment. From older screenshots it seems there used to be more stats on weapons and stuff. I don't know why it was simplyfied when there's so many stats in this game to beginn with. 

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