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Duelist 5.8 Feedback

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Some feedback for the duelist for 5.8.2. I generally play rapier and this feedback is mostly related to the melee variant of the class.

From my perspective the Duelist isn't fun to play in its current iteration. This stems from a few changes coming in the new talent trees, insane ramp up time, and cool down increases on base class abilities.

The new talent trees are a welcome addition to Crowfall, but they feel half baked as implemented. An easy example of this can be seen in the ability for Flintlock Shot to reset its cool down being tied into the slayer tree versus a class passive. For me this was an interesting mechanic that added some variety to the Duelists DPS. The other two Duelist lines cannot get that reset, and as a result lose that extra class mechanic in exchange for nothing. Talent trees should enhance the base classes not cut and stitch parts from one to make three.

Having armor type tied into the talent trees is also an issue. Currently Plate is a requirement for any combat over 10vs10. Leather wearers die not only to fast, but the extra damage compensation is nowhere near what Plate brings to the table. This results in being forced to play as a Dirge to even have a chance of surviving large group combat on a Duelist. Armor should be a playstyle choice not a requirement.

Duelists have a crazy ramp up time to do alright damage. Here is a typical setup: Ambush for 2 combo points>use flintlock>basic attack>sacrifice a goat to get good RNG>Inconceivable>basic attack>basic attack>basic attack>basic attack>basic attack>Pepperbox Shot>Flintlock Shot>basic attack>basic attack>basic attack>Impale.

That’s 14 GCDs to get your one hard hitting ability off that has to crit to do good damage. No other class in the game has this large of a ramp up time, and is entirely dependent on RNG multiple times in the damage cycle. Combining this with staying alive, and the Duelist feels shackled. Ramp up/momentum classes are fun, but-for the Duelist-it takes to long and doesn’t last long enough.

The change to the skill Tunnel neuters the Duelist. I can’t play a scout on the character, and my ability to make plays in forts has been diminished to the point its non existent. This is honestly the single biggest change that's ruined my enjoyment of the game since backing the Kickstarter. It doesn’t need to be an 8 second cd, but 25 is too damn long; 12-18 would be a decent sweetspot. 


Overall the class feels awful this patch. As someone who loved the Duelist and played it exclusively all of 5.5-5.7, I find the class to be disappointingly unplayable and will be switching to other classes moving forward.

Edited by Zatch

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