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Guild Controled Questing Boards

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I've recently started playing Crowfall and I absolutely love how teamwork and guilds play a huge part in the game. That being said it can be overwhelming for new players to try to find a guild that they fit well with. Many guilds are also having problems keeping their members supplied. My suggestion is that each faction on each campaign get a board where guilds can post quests and rewards for anyone to take. There could be limits for each guild or it could cost to have the quest up, but I believe it would allow the guilds (specifically PvP focused guilds) to stay supplied even if few people are harvesting/crafting and it will introduce new players to the guild and social aspect of Crowfall. 

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Currently vendors can only sell. An "Order" Option is just not implemented yet (As far as i know).
So you can find resources by hopping form EK to EK, its just a drag.

But the idea of a quest board for non-member to Guild (as a whole) interactions sounds really sweet.

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If I remember correctly, in past versions of CF some player had their vendor "sell" at the highest possible amount of coin a piece of paper in which they instead proposed a quest.

According to the fact a "workaround" at the moment exist, I don't think this feature have to be high on priority list.

Meanwhile I obviously agree this is a sweet idea. :)

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Catelyn: Because it will not last. Because they are the knights of summer, and winter is coming.

A Clash of Kings, Chapter 22, Catelyn II.

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