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(Cosmetic) Rewards to incentive feedback on translations


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Hey, folks. I know the topics of rewards have been a little controversial these days but hear me out first.

ACE, it saddens me to say this, but the translation for portuguese just aint good enough. It just isnt. It has bothered me for a while, but seeing the current translation to CF, uh, slogan (?) made me finally step up.

Here: "Crowfall é um jogo de Guerra do Trono unicamente online. Você pode vencer."

Which translation would be: "CF is a Throne of War game uniquely (solely) online. You can win." or "Crowfall is a Throne War game only online."

Okay, I speak pt-Br and maybe that is in pt-pt, but I dont think there isn any difference between the two in this instance.


My point is, that is a awfully silly mistake. And I aint even talking about whether that translation sounds good (it doesnt), just the plain incorrect translation. In-game translation also has such issues.

My request would be to consider giving us some incetive to actually go out and look for those. A simbolic title, a badge in the forums, something small (as in no extra work on your part) but that would get players and guilds working to better the translation. And, pls no stats or in-game gains that are not cosmetic. Pls.

The same could also be done to other translation being made. While I cant talk about the qualities of these, a couple hundred extra pair of eyes could be useful.

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10 minutes ago, BarriaKarl said:

I think they are already doing that. It seems to be handled by Travian. Again, it just isnt good enough.

Yes I see what you mean... "Você pode vencer." 😆

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