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KS Throne Room placement issue


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So I am trying to place the Throne Room I received as part of the original KS bundle in 2015. I can place it on the Shire parcel and that shows once placed the Large Building Token was used. I next used the Stonemason bench I created to create a Medium Village parcel which when placed shows available a similar Large Building Token. However for some reason I am not allowed to place the Throne Room on that parcel. Does anyone know what parcel I may craft that will allow placement of said Throne Room?


Oh, and how do you invite friends to share your EK?


Update: I have just crafted a Medium Town parcel and neither can I place the Lodge Throne room nor the Cottage. The cottage does fit on other parcels .....


Update on the update: Seems like to fix these placement issues all I needed to do was to log out of my EK so it would shut down. On restarting my EK I could place these structures.

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The tokens are built into the parcel itself.  Many of them, like the starting dragon statue, do not have any build tokens.  You'll need to use another parcel like the town or shire.  To see the available tokens, open your inventory screen.  They're listed in yellow and blue, depending on the type.  

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4 hours ago, MikeTheBear said:

  Where can you get those tokens? I've got a lot of staff for my EK because I bought early access couple years ago, as well. But I can't place anything because I have 0 tokens. So how can you get those?

like hyriol said, the number of tokens is defined by the type of parcel. also note, that you can only see the number of available tokens in your inventory window, while standing on the parcel.

here is my list of tokens for 5.7. didn't check it out in 5.8, but i don't think there have been a lot of changes meanwhile.




On 2/17/2019 at 5:36 PM, Incarnatus said:

Oh, and how do you invite friends to share your EK?

There are several ways to do so.

First you can set your EK public. Enter your kingdom, press ESC, click onto the kingdom builder symbol in the left column and after the map pops up check the pulic button. In that case everybody can enter your EK once you launched it as long as there is still at least one player in it. The EK will shut down and be unavailable again a few minutes after the last player left (until you launch it again). This is btw a provisional situation, it won't be this way in the final game.

You can /ekinvite NAME a player to allow them enter your EK even if it is not public. You will still need to launch it and the last-visitor rule also applies.

You can grant building rights to others, which currently is done by granting noble rights (/ekaddnoble NAME). Making someone a noble allows this player to place parcels in your kingdom. They can't move parcels they don't own, though (while the monarch can). Or you can transfer tokens from your account to another account. The command is basically like this: "/ekchangetokens NAME building xs 1". This would tansfer 1 xs civil buildings token to the named player. You can undo that with the same command, using -1 as number. Transfering a token will automatically make a player a citizen, granting rights to enter the EK (and to see it in the personal EK list) even if it is not public.

You can get more informations about this in the multi-player city building news.


Have fun, good luck :)


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