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5.8.3 useage for Pro-Fessor - MAX ST burst tryouts?


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few ideas about Confessor (also +Inquisitor spec) disciplines useage:

- as equipped: Illusionist disc+ Force Mage disc - checked at dummies and some "hunters" after how its working together in my points of interrests:

    - powers -  Glamour Weapon / Kinetic Boost (AP boost + Force Wave / Absolution - at 5Sins also as slowers?)
    - passives - Reactive Barier / Phantom Feints / and Hot Foot (AP boost and SLOW on last Basic?)
    - attack - Fireball "(1/2/3.. slow 4/5.. SIN!)" :D - what an nice dance?? ,no oh... my Foot is not as hot..


Rotation from partial stealth with Glamour weapon and Force Wave as starter for slow enemies (without Hot Foot?) can be funny :) .. need more tryhard..

very simple-

- Hot Foot is not doing anything in long range useage at third Fireball cast - no slow - so no rotation possible in offered options.., etc etc = no burst dmg deal from this setup for lonely Confessor hunters to slow..

 - in short distance seems like Hot Foot is working as aura, meh.. not in casted Fireball to 36-37m range (did I say it? , damn why? do i need to get close to victim after first 2secs to get hitted?) Oh, okay.. i can hurt him in close range with my BookWORM! :) 

  not working together in this way for me now.. " tryout your options with burst fireee!! "

 P.S. - also added Feed the Flames 3/3 bonus distance - this can be also what matters at the end of it.. if u're looking how to compare.


Now can be here some idea discussion for show :) 

Have Hope! And for others.. hole! I know, you can just spin around.. but.. why not?? :) 

Have a nice day Fessors!


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Hot feet (Slow on basic) is melee range only, 5m, so useless on Confessor.

DPS spec wants to have Feel the Burn, so run that instead, you will also probably want Weapon Finesse instead of Expansive Mind, you don't care about all those powers (Glamour weapon can be on survival tray, the High-Elf racial is situational at best)


You will probably do good damage with this build, but be very squishy, so play accordingly. 

I wouldn't classify Confessor as a bursty damage dealer, since Absolution has a high cooldown. Sure you can do one "large" ability that might crit for 1/4th of a decently geared person's HP, but that's not amazing. This is why I like Feel the Burn, your DOT hits hard and is more damage in a fight usually than a one-hit-wonder Absolution.

I like one DPS and one Tanky type of discipline on confessor, I sometimes run Force Mage / Elementalist for Firewall + Absorb, as well as the DPS that Force Mage gives you. Or Bard + Mole hunter for mobility around the battlefield and utility. 

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