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Crafting Couple Looking For Guild!

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My name is Dythanis and my girlfriends name is ihatechu and we both enjoy farming and crafting. I also prefer to PvP where as she doesnt partake in PvP unless has to. We will both be commited to the guild in doing anything that is needed to be required for its development. We enjoy leveling new characters and grinding out the materials and gear to build whatever is needed :)

Were currently around level 20 on multiple characters including a Duelist, Myrmadon, Druid, Assassin, and Ranger atm. 

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Hi Dythanis,


Would love to have you and Ihatechu at Imperial Rising. We are currently a balance guild and a new startup from Feb 3rd 2019. We are building our member base and have 3 officers with a total of 10 shared accounts to cover a multitude of crafting/farming needs. With that said, being a new and growing guild we certainly have a need for some dedicated individuals who enjoy crafting gear as it can be timely for us to both harvest and craft as 3 people for the guilds growing needs. Currently we have a total of 8 active players and would be happy to help you level/gear/vessel as needed. Feel free to go to the crowfall website and navigate to community, guilds and search Imperial Rising. Both of you can send requests to join and our discord is https://discord.gg/rXHRQF for anyone interested.We have no plans to force you to play any specific race/class combinations, the idea is that we play to learn, be competitive and most of all, have fun.


We look forward to hearing from you, all the best.



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We have found a guild and we are happy. Thank you everyone for the responses, were so glad this community is thriving and doing the work it is to make this a great game!

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