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New player and have been trying in game chat to get an answer to this but, no help there at all so I'm trying here.

In the keymapping settings I see my E key says its Combo ., But I cannot figure out how to utilize this key or make a combo or whatever. I looked through my skills and don't see anything there that any particular skill is used in a combo. Any help would be appreciated. Still learning but sometimes the small things can be frustrating after awhile.

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Certain skills follow a path-you press the button once it does the first skill in the chain, again and it does the second etc. The Combo key is for ability chains that have multiple paths. Press the button once and the you can press it again OR press E for a different chain path


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An example from Templar here:


You can see that power is part of a "chain" and the third step in the chain is branching and lets you choose between two powers (choice one is press the original key, and choice two is press E). 


Another example from Centaur racial:


"activate REAR KICK periodically when suffering an attack from behind 60-73 + 67% Weapon Damage and pushing enemies away" 

When Rear Kick procs, you will see an onscreen prompt to press E.




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