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The Grand Crowfall Bucket List


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Here we shall list the things that we wish to do at some point in Crowfall, however sexual outlandish they might be.


Since we don't know exactly what we can and cant do yet, try to keep it within reason, or explain you're cool-kid mechanic to everyone.

Here are mine



  • Set up a caravan company
  • Abduct someone
  • Abduct a group of people
  • Take someone's land a ransom it back to them
  • Reconsider my life choices as I'm clearly not a good person 


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In most MMO's, I'd say "Win" as that's the best part, where you simply just flat out beat everyone into submission.  As this game will support lots of "Winning", I want to take a team and go up against 3-5 times our numbers and through strategy and tactics, kill them all.  That is what will make this guy happy.

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  • Farm bananas or pretend to farm bananas. At this point I'm too far in to deviate from initial objectives.

Develop fun and intricate Suggestions to add to the game. If Voxel poo makes it's way into the game, you're welcome.

eFlirt with Lantern Watch girls and write heartfelt Fan Fiction about our relationship and adventures, while saving the more salacious material for private messages.

Make an alt character with the sole intention of unwavering role play. Main subjects to change from day-to-day though core concepts will remain persistent.


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