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A Tasty Update - Official discussion thread

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On 2/21/2019 at 10:13 AM, Psych said:

So what if you could slot bigger foods like whole roast pigs on Great Hall dining tables in forts and keeps and stuff and people could just come up and nibble on it until it's gone, or even just slot all food on tables that you could then like sit down and eat. That'd be rad and a cool role-playing mechanic.

During an ACE stream last year, I brought up the same idea of using a banquet table where people can gather in a group to dine for a bit while receiving a unique long lasting buff before going out to battle. I'm just curious how my femtaur will sit, perhaps I could have a feedbag instead? ;) 

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Wow, you all have lots of good ideas! Keep them coming! I also wanted to pop in and comment on this. I know it sounds like alchemy is a lost art we haven't given any consideration to, but it's

This. This right here is my ideal plan. Will it happen? I sure hope so. Will it happen within the next update? Probably not, but I'm trying my best to get some more fun things out there to vary up buf

Fancy a cup of hot cocoa or some delicious borscht? FULL STORY

I really like the look of the new art for the cooking items with the exception of the wild rice. Maybe try a raw version as the brown bowl just kind of looks like a blob to me, but I have really old eyes.

I do like the complexity of the recipes, please don't dumb them down. Because cooking doesn't require any skill there should be something that makes it a little more complex.

Purchasing cooking materials from system vendor: Please offer the ability to purchase in larger quantities than 1 at a time. Buying 20 potatoes takes far too long, for example.

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Race affecting food buff sounds good on paper until you give one race something people love and screw over another. Now the food made X race not as competitive because food. 

Where's our stealth speed disc since extra passive/active, rings, ammy, and camo now exist in discs? Or double jump. 

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On 2/21/2019 at 5:16 PM, vkromas said:

We had to knock down the amount of times the water well would give out water due to cheesin' it. I don't think there are any plans to remove water from vendors, either since, like you mentioned, it's easier in that it's one of those cost/effort situations. I might also look at the water well tables and see if there is a happy medium we can reach with it. As we build more recipes water is going to be a hot commodity for jewelcrafting, alchemy, and cooking. 

I do like your suggestion about collecting impure water and then purifying it, that's a pretty cool idea! Tucking this into my notes for later once we revisit how our bodies of water should work. 


Nice idea! :)

"maybe" even with an Empty Flasks in bag from Alchemy - in some spots in open world (somewhere with water fields..? /?) could be filled with water as optional gathering this commodity? /meaned in addition for gathering plants - Sickles tree - time for filling... etc :) 

(dont know if/how connected this should be back from profession to gathering..)

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